2 decades old. An old melancholic soul getting by as a student in a young civilization, but has discovered true passions as a weaver of dreams into words, lines, colors, and sounds.

This is a place where I collect everything beautiful and meaningful to my soul.

Live with the Mind of a Scientist & the Heart of an Artist.

Twente, Netherlands (by serni)

(via Homes Under 400 Square Feet: 5 Apartments That Squeeze Utility Out Of Every Square Inch)

Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

"I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep."

Wolfgang Sievers

Everyday tell this to yourself
"Being human is a temporary fragment of who we truly are."
Awakened Vibrations  (via awakenedvibrations)
"The biggest illusion in life is to think that the “spiritual or unseen” realm is separate from you. Observe your surroundings, and realize it is just another aspect of the spiritual realm. Layers and layers of creativity and consciousness. But it is the same and just as important. You are the spiritual realm, nothing is outside of you… everything comes from within."
Awakened Vibrations (via awakenedvibrations)