2 decades old. An old melancholic soul getting by as a student in a young civilization, but has discovered true passions as a weaver of dreams into words, lines, colors, and sounds.

This is a place where I collect everything beautiful and meaningful to my soul.

Live with the Mind of a Scientist & the Heart of an Artist.
"You will always receive what you need to progress in life, but you must notice these blessings, and utilize them."
Awakened Vibrations (via awakenedvibrations)

Jostein Gaarder, The Solitaire Mystery

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We have nothing to fear.mezzoriano:

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"Yes, I do think the human experience is inherently lonely. I say this as someone who is in a wonderful marriage and has two ebullient and beloved daughters, plus a number of intimate friends. To be conscious is to be alone.

And yet, there is something sacred and potentially saving in that aloneness too. There is the possibility of God. I’ve long thought that what God’s response to Job—Have you gone down into the springs of the Deep etc.—really is, is a primordial cry of loneliness. No one has seen what I have seen, says God. No one can know what I know."
The Rumpus Interview with Christian Wiman (via autobibliography)

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Honfleur | by Guillaume CHANSON | Facebook.

bedlam party

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